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Frais Citrus – 240ml

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Frais Citrus” Beard Soap is a breath of fresh air for your beard care routine. Formulated exclusively with 100% natural ingredients, it combines invigorating essential oils of lime, spearmint and eucalyptus for deep cleansing that invigorates the skin and senses. This unique composition ensures effective cleansing while being gentle on the skin. Enriched with argan oil, this soap also offers nourishing properties, leaving your beard moisturized and soft to the touch. Its refreshing citrus fragrance provides a pleasant, energizing cleaning experience.

Its creamy foam, created from sugar foam, ensures complete, in-depth cleansing, removing impurities and excess sebum without drying out the skin. The gentle formula of this soap makes it perfect for daily use, preserving the natural health of your beard and skin. Whether you have a short or long beard, “Frais Citrus” Beard Soap is the ideal choice for keeping your beard clean, fresh and well-groomed.

How to use :

For best results, moisten your face and beard in the shower. Then apply the soap directly to your beard, lathering generously. Massage gently to clean thoroughly, then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Not only does this soap clean effectively, it also leaves a fresh, energizing fragrance, giving you a clean, fresh feeling that lasts all day.

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