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Cèdre Zen” Beard Soap is the ideal ally for gentle daily cleansing of your beard. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients, this soap combines organic Himalayan cedar, sweet orange and tea tree oils to purify and refresh your beard. Argan oil adds a nourishing touch, leaving the beard soft and the face soothed after each use. Woody, citrus notes provide a long-lasting sensation of freshness, ideal for starting the day or relaxing in the evening.

Its rich texture creates an abundant sugar foam, enabling deep yet gentle cleansing, removing impurities and excess sebum without drying out the skin. This soap is perfect for all types of beard, from the shortest to the fullest. Thanks to its gentle formula, it is suitable for daily use, preserving the health and vitality of beard and skin.

How to use :

For best results, moisten your beard in the shower and apply the soap directly to it. Gently massage into a lather to thoroughly cleanse. Rinse thoroughly. Not only is this soap effective for cleansing, it also leaves your beard fragrant and fresh, ready for the application of other care products such as oil and balm.

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