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A natural elixir for a serene beard

Cèdre Zen, the beard oil that transforms every moment of care into an olfactory meditation, an experience in which serenity mingles with your beard. Made from 100% natural, organic ingredients, this oil soothes and delicately nourishes beards while deeply moisturizing the skin.

A fusion of natural oils, including Olive oil to soften and moisturize, Jojoba oil to balance moisture, Argan oil to revitalize, and Hemp oil to strengthen and protect the beard, giving it shine and vigor.

The subtle blend of Himalayan Cedar and Sweet Orange creates a fresh, woody fragrance, evoking a feeling of serenity and well-being. Cedar, with its warm, soothing notes, perfectly balances the liveliness and sweetness of sweet orange.

Himalayan cedar essential oil

Himalayan CedarHimalayan Cedar essential oil, with its soothing and toning properties, is a precious ally for beards. It contributes to healthy skin and scalp, essential for a radiant beard. Ideal for irritated skin, especially after shaving, it calms and soothes. Its woody fragrance provides a feeling of well-being, making this oil a must-have for beard care in total zenitude.

Sweet orange essential oil

Sweet orangeSweet orange essential oil enchants with its fresh, invigorating fragrance, bringing radiance and freshness to the beard. Perfect for energizing the start of the day, it gives beards a naturally clean feel. Its purifying and fortifying properties cleanse and revitalize the skin, promoting a healthy, youthful-looking beard. A real boost of freshness and care for a flawless beard.

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