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An invigorating cocktail for a radiant beard

Frais Citrus is the ideal answer for men who want to look after their beards with a touch of freshness and vitality. Made from 100% natural, organic ingredients, this beard oil is an invitation to a dynamic, refreshing sensory journey.

It incorporates a blend of high-quality natural oils in its base: olive oil to nourish and soften, jojoba oil to balance natural moisture, argan oil to revitalize and hemp oil to bring strength and radiance.

The unique character of Frais Citrus lies in its invigorating blend of lime and spearmint essential oils. This combination creates an exceptionally fresh, woody fragrance. It not only awakens the senses, but also brings energy and vivacity to your beard care routine.

To use Frais Citrus, simply apply a few drops to your hand and gently massage into beard and skin. This oil will leave your beard delicately silky, perfectly moisturized, and infused with the scent of lime and mint. It will awaken a lasting sensation of freshness and cleanliness that will stay with you all day long.

Lime essential oil

lime essential oil

Lime essential oil, with its energizing lemony fragrance, is a real beard booster. It provides a feeling of freshness and vitality, ideal for a dynamic day. Its lively, sparkling aroma not only revitalizes the beard, but also stimulates the senses, offering an immediate refreshing effect and a touch of natural luminosity.

Field mint essential oil

field mint essential oilField mint essential oil is a treasure for beard care. Its fresh, minty fragrance provides an incomparable sensation of cleanliness and freshness. It is known for its refreshing and stimulating properties, perfect for invigorating the skin under the beard. Its invigorating, purifying effect makes this oil an excellent choice for a fresh, vital beard.

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