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Frais Citrus” Shaving Cream is a celebration of traditional shaving, combined with the freshness and purity of nature. Designed for an old-fashioned shave, this foaming cream is made with 100% natural ingredients, offering a shaving experience that’s both refreshing and gentle on the skin. Essential oils of lime and eucalyptus add an invigorating fragrance, while shea butter and coconut oil nourish and protect the skin. Castile soap and vegetable glycerin help create a rich, creamy lather, allowing the blade to glide easily and comfortably for a close, irritation-free shave.

The unique texture of this shaving cream, enriched with sugar foam, provides a natural, slightly greasy lather, unlike that produced by conventional shaving creams containing chemicals. This less dense but more nourishing foam provides effective skin protection, while facilitating a precise and pleasant shave. Frais Citrus” cream is ideal for those looking for a traditional, effective, skin-friendly shave with a touch of natural freshness.

How to use :

To use, start by preparing your face after a shower with warm water to soften the beard. Soak your shaving brush in 2/3 to 3/4 warm water, then let it drain. Take a small amount of shaving cream with the shaving brush and work it into a bowl. Add a drop of water – if necessary – to obtain the desired consistency, then lather for about 30 seconds. Apply the foam to your face in circular movements, preparing the skin for a smooth, effective shave. This routine transforms shaving into a moment of natural, invigorating care, leaving skin smooth, moisturized and delicately scented with citrus.

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